Better Brass Pipe

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The Better Brass Pipe is manufactured in the USA with foreign and domestic parts.  


 THE BETTER BRASS PIPE ™ is 100% brass. The difference is the Better Brass Pipe is manufactured in the USA with foreign and domestic parts.  Most important of all, and the key word here is FITTED, and by fitted, I mean every part is checked and rechecked, and every part is completely reconstructed grinding and brazing. Checking the part again and again, so the poker will stay in. and it is manufactured using real silver.

  • The O-RING is made with a special order custom high temperature food grade material and was sourced from an old time American company. The O-ring is actually a seal.
  • The TAR TRAP is designed to stay in. The poker also holds the tar trap in place keeping it from falling out .     ( just like the original ) . The tar trap will never get stuck again.- guaranteed,
  • All the welds are guaranteed to be strong.
  • It is best to clean any metal pipe after it is purchased ( dish soap and alcohol work well ).
  • The easy pull poker . This little tool can make life much easier. 

We are selling (3) different types/levels of the Better Brass Pipe  Level I is very similar to the Proto Pipe and Level 2 has larger holes and the poker is stronger to prevent clogging and Level III has been torched to give it a psychedelic multi-color look.

Level I  –   $25.00 each

Level II –  $30.00 each

Level II  –  $38.00 each

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Level I, Level II, Level III