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Tap Dat Ash Rubber Ashtray


ORIGINAL TAP DAT ASH ASHTRAY.  Its hefty silicone rubber construction resists temperatures up to 300° C (that’s around 570° F).  This black  rubber ashtray has a round knob in the center for tapping out your ashes.  Around all 4 sides is storage for your accessories such as down stems, pokers, 14 mm or 18 mm bowls or lighters. This ashtray was created specifically for use with glass smoking accessories, and has special slots for rolling papers. There’s even a soft, rubbery mound in the center  for safely tapping out ash without any risk to your favorite glass pipes!  Tap Dat Ash is unbreakable. Cleanup is also a snap because you can put it in your dishwasher and have it come out like new.  Go ahead an “Tap Dat Ash” and relax because it will protect your glass!

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Black, Blue Red Ice, Rasta


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