Sweetleaf Original Pocket Wood

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Sweet Leaf pocket sized wood 2 part grinder


Sweet Leaf pocket size 2 part wooden grinder.  Sweetleaf grinder is the original grinder to ever come on the market. The original pocket wood grinder (2″) has a cover of linseed oil making each grinder smooth. This grinder is small enough to fit in your pocket but has the power of a wood chipper!  The Sweetleaf wooden grinder contours the pmarijuanaalm of your hand perfectly when grinding, making grinding your own material less of a chore and more of a quick simple process. Each Sweetleaf wooden grinder has it own unique natural wood grain. Its stainless steel straight pin teeth design is based on a patent from 1905 and Sweetleaf was the first grinder to hit the market back in 1999.  Its simple design and eco-friendliness makes the 2-part wood grinder the perfect traditional grinder.  On large quantities, we offer personalized engraving for an extra fee.  Please contact us for this service.