Santa Cruz Shredder 4 part small

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Santa Cruz Shredder 4 part 1 5/8″ anodized color grinders.  This is the small size 4 part grinder of the Santa Cruz collection.Engineered, designed and made in the USA deburred and disinfected with “medical grade” ultra sonic santizing.


Santa Cruz Shredder 4 part 1 5/8″ anodized color grinders.  This is the small size 4 part grinder.  Santa Cruz developed a unique and proprietary thread pattern designed to eliminate the binding & permanent seizing of the screw-together parts. They anodize the threaded surfaces to eliminate “galling”. Galling is a form of surface damage arising between two sliding metals in contact with one another.  Raw aluminum threads transfer wear-debris from each surface causing a build-up; therefore creating lumps, deformations, roughness & eventual failure. Santa Cruz invented a new approach using a  “7-Catch Design” allowing the user to easily adjoin the  parts with very little effort.  Most grinders rotate around & around until the user eventually finds the thread catch, and then has to continue screwing on the component over & over until it’s secure.  This causes additional wear & tear, the possibility of cross-threading, and a confusing amount of turns.

Santa Cruz Shredder prides itself as the best grinder available for our Medical customers.  Our “knurled” grip is much more pronounced than other grinders, improving hand and finger grip.  You can see the superior grip pattern as well as feel how much easier it is to turn.  This extremely gripable lid makes it that much easier to rotate the grinder, lowering the torque necessary to use our product and providing a “butter” smooth fluffing tool.
Santa Cruz Shredder is the only grinder with strict Medical-Grade Ultrasonic Cleansing procedures.  Our procedure uses high frequency sound waves and a medical-grade solution to  remove ALL contaminates.  Cavitation bubbles induced by this agitation act upon ALL contaminants embedded during the machining process.  This action penetrates blind holes, cracks  & even the tiniest recesses; thoroughly removing all traces of contamination tightly adhering to  any surface (including dust, dirt, toxic machining lubricants, grease, fingerprints, and toxic polishing compounds).  This is exactly the same process used in the medical industry to disinfect medical instruments before surgical procedures

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