Prometheus Titanium Domeless Nail

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Prometheus Titanium Domeless Nail.  This is a one of a kind Grade 2 Universal Titanium Nail.


Prometheus Titanium Domeless Nail.  The Prometheus Embyr Domeless Nail will quickly convert your Prometheus Pocket or Titan Pipe into a versatile essential oil and waxy concentrate vaporizer. This is a one of a kind Grade 2 Universal Titanium Nail. This premium Grade 2 Titanium nail is expertly crafted to heat up quickly and retain optimal vaping temperature. These qualities ensure that you dab efficiently, maximizing the value of your pricey oils and concentrates.  The Prometheus Nail is also known as the “Embyr” and  is compatible with all 14/18 mm joints, making the Embyr Domeless Titanium Nail a serious upgrade for almost any dab rig on the market. Equip with your Prometheus Pocket or Titan for the Ultimate Pyptek enhanced concentrate system.



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