Prometheus Nano

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Prometheus Nano glass pipe enclosed in anodized hard aluminum exoskeleton.


Prometheus Nano by Pyptek is an all glass pipe enclosed in an aircraft grade aluminum 2 piece exoskeleton. It is hard to break, easy to fix, hard to clog, and easy to clean.  The Prometheus Nano is the tough-ass baby of the bunch and measures in at 3 and a half inches long. This straight pipe takes on the design of a one hitter bat or chillum and is the ultimate in portability and durability.  The Prometheus Nano is a stunning, portable one hitter pipe. All parts are made from quality materials!

The Prometheus Nano has a solid borosilicate glass core that ensures maximum untainted flavour. A anodized aluminum shell covers the glass core beautifully. The shell is constructed from aerospace grade 6061 aluminum, making this a pipe to last! This ingenious design makes the Prometheus Nano incredibly strong and durable and because you can dissemble all parts, the pipe is also easy to clean.

The pipe measures 10.5cm (4.1 inches ) in length and has a depth of 2.5cm (1 inch)!  Much like its bigger brothers – the Titan and the Pocket – the Nano provides the purity of glass with the protection of an aluminum pipe. Food grade silicone rinds provide a buffer between the sensitive glass and rugged aluminum exterior, allowing it to take falls and follies with little to no risk of shattering.   The inner glass can easily be removed for extensive cleaning or for replacement if needed.

If you love smoking with a glass piece, but are afraid it might crack or break in you hands, then this is the pipe for you!   I you prefer a bigger size, then check out the Prometheus Pocket Size or Titan Size

Choice of Colors:   Red, Green, Black, Purple, Blue

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