Omni Q Nail

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Santa Cruz Omni Quartz Nails and Removable Top


Santa Cruz Omni Quartz “Q” Nail tops and sets.  Santa Cruz Omni quartz nails have finally arrived. These nails have the quartz head and titanium body, so you get the best of both products.

  • – Product made of 100% fused Quartz. 99.9% Pure G.E. Semiconductor Grade Quartz
  • – Very low coefficient of expansion (almost zero), 1/7th that of bore.
  • – Extremely high thermal shock resistance (thin sections can be heated rapidly to 1500f and then     plunged into water without cracking or losing integrity)
  • – Best heat retention of all glass products available on market today


Omni Q 10/14 Full Female Set  |  Omni Q 14/18 Full Female Set \ Omni Q 14/18 Full Female Set

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Quartz Dish Only, Q 10/14 Female Set, Q 14/18 Full Female Set, 14/18 Full Male Set