Notch Medium 2.5″ 2 part grinder

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The Notch medium 2.5″ or 62 mm anodized 4 part aluminum grinder


The Notch Alloy Medium 2 part aluminum grinder is 2.5″. Each Notch grinder has been annodized with a protective coating to prevent scratches on the outside.  Each grinder has a nice matte finish.  On the inside you will notice that the teeth are green as they now have a non stick alloy covering on the inside. This hard anodizing is very thick multi-layered and almost as hard a diamonds. The Notch grinder has little notches around the top lid making it easy to grip and turn.  Easy and smooth turning for your blending of materials. They have razor sharp teeth to grind. They are anodized in 6 different colors.

Black, Blue, Green, Red, Purple, Pink and Silver

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