Incredibowl mini expansion tube

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Incredibowl mini expansion tube measures 10 inch.  This is a longer tube and is sold as an accessory.  You will need to have the pipe to attach this expansion chamber.

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Incredibowl mini m420 expansion chamber.  This expansion tube is 10″ in length.  This is an accessory for your m420 Incredibowl pipe.  This will allow the smoke to cool before it hits your mouth and also it will create a more powerful hit.

The Incredibowl m420 expansion chamber is easy to smoke, easy to clean, easy on your lungs and virtaully unbreakable. This expansion chamber allows you to expand the amount of smoke you can take in one hit from the awesome Mini Incredibowl m420!

The Expansion Chamber specifically is the clear tube through which you inhale the smoke – Incredibowl Industries utilizes shatterproof polycarbonate which is also used in bullet proof windows. This clear tube is the an awesome attachment to the mini incredibowl. This High Time Cannabis Cup winner is a must have piece of equipment for adult smokers everywhere.