Incredibowl Glass Ash Catcher

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Incredibowl Glass Redibowl Attachment for the mini pipe.


Incredibowl Glass Ash Catcher.  The Incredibowl Redibowl Ashcatcher from Incredibowl is an optional glass attachment designed to allow users to connect their Incredibowl mini to any 14.5mm glass water device.

The design of the Incredibowl with it’s integrated fine mesh screen means it makes an absolutely amazing ash catcher when used with glass device. The screen blocks any plant matter, ash or other detritus from passing through the Incredibowl and into your glass water device.  Enjoy smoother, cooler hits than ever before with the Incredibowl Redibowl Ashcatcher. The Incredibowl is a revolutionary smoking pipe that has transformed the way people smoke using a hand pipe.  Often imitated, but never bettered, the Incredibowl has won many industry awards for it’s simple, yet ingenious design.

The Incredibowl mini pipe converts into a killer bowl when you place it in the Redibowl Ash Catcher. Designed for 14mm receivers, this thing will inject a whole bowl’s worth of smoke at once through your water pipe at daring speeds. If you toggle the release while drawing in you can cash the whole bowl in one breath easily.


  • Sherlock Height: 2″
  • Converts M420 into 14mm bowl


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