Glass Debowler Spike

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Clear Glass Debowler Replacement Spike.

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Clear Glass Debowler Replacement Spike.  These are the clear spikes that are inserted into the Glass Debowler ashtray.  These can be used for the glass debowler only.  The glass Debowler spike can help any smoker without the full Debowler tray by just replacing their usual bobby pin or paper clip with something that is easily cleaned re-used.  They also make great dabbers and stand alone without the tray! The glass spike is also a 14mm fitted piece.  It can help plug pieces for cleaning, it can act as a carb-cap with some 14mm domes, and of course it can Debowl your bowls in the glass Debowler!!  This is only an accessory to the original glass debowler ashtry.

Glass Debowlers sold separately.