Diamond Grind 40 mm deluxe grinder

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Diamond Grind 40 mm 1.5″ Deluxe Grinder with removable magnetic screen.


Diamond Grind 4 part deluxe grinder. The deluxe grinder have removable screens so you can customize your grinding with easy pop in or pop out screens.  Each grinder comes with a standard stainless steel screen.  We also sell options for a silk screen or a coarse screen. You control the consistency of the blend with this deluxe version.  These grinders are 40 mm or 1.5″ in diameter. The perfect pocket 4 part grinder for those on the go.  The deluxe grinders have a removable screen so that you can customized your grinding.  Each grinder comes with a standard size screen for normal grinding.  Then, we sell silk or coarse screens as accessories which will enable you to customized the grind.  Diamond Grinders are top quality premium grinders. Each grinder has been CNC machined from one large piece of aluminium.   The Diamond Grind takes grinding your material to a higher level. Diamond Grinders have a smooth and easy turn.  Each grinder is wrapped in plastic and then secured in its own box.  Super strong magnets hold the top lid in place. Guaranteed to last with our lifetime warranty.

Color Choices:  Black, Dark Blue, Light Blue,Green, Red, Purple

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