Diamond Grind 4 Part Grinder 63 mm anodized

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Diamond Grind medium 2.5″ 4 part aluminum grinder available in black, blue, green and purple.


Diamond Grind 4 part grinder anodized. Diamond Grind Medium size is 63 mm or  2.5″ aluminum.  These are  magnetic 4 part grinder combos.  Diamond Grind medium 2.5″ or 63 mm 4 part aluminum grinder is a solid heavy grinder.  Each of these aluminum grinders are anodized in a color coating to prevent scratches. .  Diamond Grind has a strong magnetic top to hold the lid in place when shaking.  Each grinder has diamond shape grinding teeth, the middle is the stainless steel screen which will sift your materials down into the bottom collection chamber.  Diamond Grind brand has been on the market for the past 20 years and is here to stay with their life time warranty.  They also sell 5 other sizes to choose from.  The mini size is 1.5″ or 40 mm, the extra small size is 2″ or 50 mm, the small size is 2.25″ or 56 mm and the large size is 3″ or 75 mm and then there is the extra large of 3.5″ or 90 mm.  This is the all metal aluminum grinder.  Guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Color options:   Black, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Gold, Pink or Rasta

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