Diamond Grind 2 part mini grinders

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Diamond Grind mini 1.5″ or 40 mm 2 part aluminum grinder


Diamond Grind 2 part mini grinder.  Diamond Grind mini is 40 mm or 1.5″ in diameter.  This is the perfect size for a go anywhere 2 part grinder. This is the smallest size grinder that Diamond Grind manufactures.  Each grinder has sharp diamond shaped teeth for easy smooth grinding. Diamond Grind offers a lifetime guarantee on the function of these grinders.  These 2 part grinders are sold in clear plastic and protected inside an individual box for shipping.  The classic polish would be the silver color.   Silver sells for $7.50 each.  The anodized color 2 part grinders are $1.00 extra selling for $8.50.  These grinders were updated in 2015 to provide smooth easy turning and deeper vibrant color when anodizing.  The anodizing process prevents scratches and will extend the life of your grinder.

Colors options are:     Black, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Green, Red, Purple and occasionally pink or gold.

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