Debowler Ashtray Glass

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Glass debowler ashtray and poker all in one


Debowler Ashtray & Poker All in One, glass ashtray that keeps your bowl clean!  Yes, the original manufacturer of Debowler plastic ashtrays now has the Debowler Glass Ashtray and Poker.   The glass ashtray will keep your bowls clean of debris with the poker in the middle.  The Debowler is an ashtray specifically designed to easily ash pipes and bowl  pieces. The Debowler is a novel item. An ashtray with a built in poker!  The Debowler goes one step further. The Debowler comes with a built in cleaning tool:   the poker.   It comes with a removable/replaceable glass spike that is perfect for reaming out bowls.  Similar function to the plastic version but built to last and quite a bit more attractive.

There are 11 different color choices to choose from.

COLOR CHOICES;   Black, purple, orange, cobalt blue, forest green,  light green , aqua, pink, red, yellow.

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Dimensions 4 × 4 × 3 in

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