7 Pipe Twisty Glass Replacement Kit

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Twisty Glass replacement kit with 2 glass tubes and 1 black foam case


7 Pipe Twisty Glass Kit comes with 2 clear borosilicate glass tubes, 4 black caps and one black foam zipper carry case.  This is an accessory to the actual original authentic twisty pipe.   You will find 2 glass replacements for the Original 7 pipe as well as a soft black zipper case to protect the twisty pipe and the glass accessories. The 7 Pipe Twisty pipe which is sold separately is a thick and durable glass cylinder that comes with a long screw that fits down inside the pipe.  The Twisty Glass Tube is made with  premium german glass that is super strong.   This type of glass also has a higher melting point, making it more heat resistant than regular glass. Due to its low thermal expansion coefficient, it is able to remain both clear and strong even when exposed to extremely high temperatures. It withstands a whopping working temperature of 515 degrees Fahrenheit and doesn’t melt until 550 degrees.  We also carry the twisty mini glass replacements as well.

What’s in the box?
– 2 Twisty Glass Clear Glass Tubes
– 4 black rubber caps
– 1 black foam carry case